Rakesh Kumar is a part of the founding team at Light Microfinance. He has played a key role in building the initial team, setting the field operation and support functions in the company. Under his leadership as a Chief Executive Officer, Light Microfinance has embarked its unique identity in the industry. He is a true believer of excelling through technology and optimizing processes and transactions. His distinguished leadership capability brings oneness in the team and he is a firm believer of people first attitude. This brings unique blend of technology and people in the organization culture. He has also led the setting up and integration of separate and strong credit risk management team in the company leading to industry transcending performance in portfolio quality across the time and geography.

He brings with him invaluable field experience of setting up microfinance operations from the ground up and scaling it to multiple states. He has extensive knowledge of building, coordinating and leading teams, installing systems and setting complete work processes and procedures in a large successful microfinance organization. Before joining Light Microfinance, Rakesh worked with Bharat Financial Inclusion Limited (erstwhile SKS Microfinance) from the company’s early days and played a key part in its rapid growth by launching and expanding operations in seven states across North India. Rakesh received his Master’s degree in Rural Management from Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA).

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