Small Business Loans

At Light, we empower the vibrant spirit of entrepreneurship across India by offering small business loans. The company’s solutions are designed to fuel growth and foster innovation for small businesses. With Light’s small business loans, entrepreneurs can easily bridge financial gaps, expand operations and seize new opportunities. The company’s commitment to accessible financing is more than just a loan; it’s a partnership for prosperity, helping to strengthen local economies and create jobs. Light is the beacon that supports small business journeys, illuminating their paths to success.

Serving Microentrepreneurs in Rural India

Designed for microentrepreneurs in rural and deep rural India, as well as Tier III and beyond cities, our Individual Loans product reaches those who often reside outside the realm of financial inclusion. We're dedicated to supporting the growth of businesses that drive local economies.

Empowerment Through Inclusion

Our Individual Loans product doesn't merely bridge financial gaps – it bridges the gap between dreams and reality for those who haven't yet experienced financial inclusion. It's an opportunity for individuals to embark on entrepreneurial journeys with confidence.

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

Empowerment knows no bounds. Our product is especially focused on women entrepreneurs, enabling them to take charge of their ambitions and lead the charge towards growth. With our Individual Loans, women entrepreneurs can break barriers and build businesses that thrive.

The Process

Application: Initiate application through a streamlined process.
Evaluation: Our team thoroughly assesses your application.
Approval: Once approved, you gain access to the funds.
Support: We offer guidance and aid whenever you require.