Anjali Naman Shah is a seasoned Chartered Accountant with over 13 years of experience and excels in diverse aspects of finance and accounting. She previously served as the Vice President and Head of Accounts, Finance and Taxation at Ananya Finance for Inclusive Growth Private Limited for over 5 years.

Anjali possesses expertise in finance leadership, accounts finalization adhering to IND AS standards, budgeting and auditing, encompassing statutory, internal and tax audits. Her acumen extends to managing accounts receivables and payables and conducting meticulous reviews of fixed assets registers and general ledgers.

With proficiency in both direct and indirect taxation, Anjali ensures stringent compliance with tax regulations. She also oversees RBI and other statutory compliances. Anjali is adept at monitoring and maximizing returns on surplus funds while establishing robust internal controls. Furthermore, Anjali’s proactive role in designing accounting software showcases her adaptability and forward-thinking approach.

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