Bikram Mishra


Bikram Mishra stands as a distinguished alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, holding an MBA in HR & Systems and a technical degree from IIT (ISM), Dhanbad. His illustrious journey spanning over 26 years within the Banking, NBFC and Financial Services domains bears witness to his prowess in multifaceted roles, redefining the contours of HR leadership.

With an eclectic portfolio encompassing Business HR, Organization Development, HR Operations & Shared Services, HR Technology & Strategy, HR Analytics, Talent Engagement and Employee Experience, Bikram’s trajectory embodies diversity and depth. His dynamic leadership is underscored by an energy-driven, analytical mindset, blended seamlessly with a service-oriented approach.

Bikram’s journey unfolds within the corridors of globally acclaimed organizations, leaving an indelible mark. His strategic guidance has been instrumental in enhancing employee engagement, nurturing capabilities and propelling business performance. A trailblazer at the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), HCL Technologies, Standard Chartered Bank, Wipro Financial Services, Equitas Bank, and Asirvad Microfinance, Bikram has etched his identity in shaping organizational landscapes.

Bikram’s profound understanding of Retail Banking, Consumer Finance and Capital Markets marries seamlessly with his strategic HR acumen. This unique blend has catapulted him into the echelons of respected HR leadership within the BFSI/NBFC sector. His imprint is enshrined in designing organizational structures, policies, and processes that foster growth.

In his preceding role as CHRO for an organization boasting a workforce of 13,000+, Bikram orchestrated multifaceted departments, including Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, Learning & Development, Corporate Communication & Employer Branding, Customer Grievance, Legal and Administration.

Bikram Mishra’s narrative weaves technical expertise, strategic HR leadership, and vast industry experience into a tapestry of excellence. His role as Chief Human Resources Officer at Light epitomizes a commitment to driving employee engagement, enhancing performance and steering sustainable growth.