Ankur Singhal is a distinguished expert specializing in raising debt funds and strategic financial management. With close to two decades of experience across diverse industries, he wields a proven track record of navigating complex financial landscapes to drive organizational growth.

Ankur’s proficiency shines brightest in his mastery of raising debt funds and orchestrating strategic financial decisions. His hands-on experience spans a multitude of sectors, solidifying his versatility in shaping successful financial trajectories.

Prior to joining Light, Ankur etched his mark in the annals of an investment banking company, where he spearheaded the credit syndication and credit rating advisory team. His journey boasts substantial contributions within paper and textile manufacturing industries, where he expertly managed loan portfolios exceeding 10 billion and orchestrated offshore structured finance transactions amounting to 3.5 billion.

Ankur’s remarkable career in corporate finance revolves around crafting tailored financial solutions for diverse industries. His strategic acumen consistently empowers organizations to elevate their growth trajectories, setting them on a path of sustainable success.

Ankur Singhal’s narrative embodies an unwavering commitment to raising debt funds, strategic financial stewardship and the art of navigating complex financial landscapes. As VP Finance at Light, his expertise continues to guide the organization towards financial brilliance and enduring growth.