Light win’s DNA Award for Best Corporate Communications Initiative

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Light win's DNA Award for Best Corporate Communications Initiative

Light bagged the DNA Award for Best Corporate Communication Initiative by Banking Frontiers. This award acknowledges the vision of our founders – Deepak Amin, Rakesh Kumar and Aviral Saini. They envisioned “My Life, My Story” as a platform to spotlight the often unnoticed tales of success and resilience from rural India. While rural micro-entrepreneurship gains some attention, the narratives of triumph from remote corners rarely find their way to the mainstream or social media.

This initiative especially honours the challenges faced by women who transition from homemakers to entrepreneurs, striving to fulfil their family’s needs. They embrace entrepreneurship in unique ways with determination and creativity, yet their stories often remain hidden. “My Life, My Story” is Light’s effort to change this narrative. In essence, “My Life, My Story” is a celebration of ordinary yet extraordinary stories from the heartlands of India. Light spotlights the impact of rural women who embrace entrepreneurship while being homemakers, showcasing the transformative changes they bring. These stories embody the spirit of Bharat, proving how determination and entrepreneurial drive can lead to meaningful change, even in the smallest ways.

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